What We Do

Our Services

At the present time we are partnering with other agencies to develop seamless support for survivors from the time of release to successful integration into society. This will necessitate:

  • Providing accommodation – Our focus is on providing immediate safe and secure accommodation for both men and women who have escaped from slavery while recognising that the ultimate goal is the reintegration of survivors into normal daily life.
  • Assisting with applications for the support scheme – We liaise with all parties involved with an application for support including the provision of necessary information and arranging attendance at any necessary interview and onward travel.
  • Sign posting – Early professional input can be critical for a survivor and we have links with agencies such as the CAB, benefit offices and specialised legal services.
  • Liaising with local medical services – This includes arranging for any necessary examinations by doctors or dentists and providing a chaperone if required.
  • Volunteer training – The role of the volunteer is crucial and we will ensure that all our volunteers will have appropriate training and their role will include befriending and supporting survivors assisting in the development of friendships and community links without which social isolation is likely and recovery will be impaired.
  • Enhancing life skills – In the event that a survivor does not wish to enter the NRM we are able to provide through a national organisation dedicated and individual training in budgeting and money management, employment advice and guidance on retraining should this be required. We will also be seeking to partner with employers in the area to arrange for opportunities for work experience.
  • Raising awareness of the extent and nature of modern day slavery – We will utilise every opportunity to work with community and faith groups and other organisations, schools and colleges and in public arenas to raise awareness of the existence of modern-day slavery and to provide training and support for businesses in identifying and countering this practice. We will also liaise with other charities and groups likely to encounter examples of modern-day slavery.

During the summer of 2022 a project of commissioned art works developed and managed a month long art display in Somerset to raise awareness of modern day slavery exhibiting commissions in outlets across the area. Numerous conversations occurred and over 2500 information leaflets were distributed.

We remain grateful for all who contributed whether by providing, displaying, or discussing the works and the issues raised.

The Chocolate War Documentary

During the latter part of 2022 as part of a wider awareness raising campaign we showed the documentary film The Chocolate War following the efforts of campaigners to sue major confectionery firms for their use of child slave labour.

Watch the trailer below for further details of these horrific allegations: