Stuart Lawrence – The silence of the broken

The paintings are called The silence of the broken 1, and The silence of the broken 2. They are each black and white portraits of victims of slavery, the only colour in their lives coming from the clothes they wear, and they are of women and children.

My work in Minehead Police station showed me the reality of the cruelty of slavery in our present society. Most people, especially in West Somerset, think slavery is something that happens far away, not here, not next door to where they live. In Minehead, many of the people living across the street from one incident, were unaware of all that was happening around them.

The man in slavery conditions was held there by threats of rape and violence against his wife and family living in another country thousands of miles away. The threats were so real to him that he was angry at being released because he no longer had any way of protecting his loved ones. It was all for the production and sale of illicit drugs.

Cost: Large picture £100 (61 x 86 cm); Smaller picture £70 (50 x 40 cm).

Artist’s Email: [email protected]