Kathy Archbold

I am a London based Fine Art graduate working in painting, illustration and photography. 

Here I have used some popular images and lyrics to illustrate some of the more well-known forms of modern day slavery, because I also wanted to convey some of the mental pressures, belittling language and phrases attached to exploitation and its ensuing coercive control and shattered morale. 

I have used a Van Gogh style moon and a representation Munch’s “The scream’ as a recognisable universal depiction of alienation and despair.

The phrase “Everybody knows your name” as an expression of popularity becomes “Nobody knows your real name” meaning quite the reverse.

Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five” song about everyday working monotony is turned into the far more extreme “Working “Five (am) to Nine(pm)” representing the relentlessness of slavery conditions. 

The Arctic Monkey’s song “I bet you look good on the dance floor” – (intended as a complement to a girl) becomes “I bet you look good in a nail bar” – a belittling and objectifying statement of worthlessness and exploitation.

Price: £425; A3 rendered in Gouache, pencil and paint stick on black paper.

Artist’s Site: https://www.redbubble.com/people/kathyarchbold/shop | Artist’s Email: [email protected]