Jo Waterworth – The Nest Box Project

The pieces are from my Nest Box project, a response to lockdown, which were exhibited in the Frome Open Studios event last July. They are a comment on confinement and the corruption of confinement within domestic spaces and domestic slavery

The boxes are 10x10cm, with overhang from assorted materials. Nest Box 1 contains white clay, raw wool, artist’s hair, feathers, dead invertebrates and quail egg shells; Nest Box 2 uses terracotta clay, artist’s hair, dried grass, hawthorn twigs, papyrus, sphagnum moss and quail egg shells; Nest Box 3 has car body paint, jackdaw twigs, small animal skulls and bones, sphagnum moss, pincushion moss and quail egg shells. 

Size: Box sizes 10x10cm with overhang. This work is fragile and biodegradable.

Cost: Each box £30 or all three for £80.

Artist’s Email: [email protected]