Restore Hope South West (formally Restore Hope West Somerset) has developed the Sparrows Project to work for the release and rehabilitation of those who have been enslaved, while seeking to raise awareness of the existence of modern day slavery to such a level that its existence becomes impossible in the local area.

“We cannot plead ignorance. We cannot evade it.”

William Wilberforce in 1789 introducing a bill in Parliament to abolish slavery

“Human trafficking, the most talked about manifestation of modern slavery, is the medium by which that age old practice permeates even the life of modern- day Britain… …it is important that we in Britain wake up to the gravity of the situation on our own doorstep.”

William Hague in 2007 introducing a bill in Parliament to abolish slavery

About Sparrows/RHSW

We aim to raise awareness of the existence of modern day slavery in the area, to seek to counter it and to provide individually tailored support to survivors by assisting them to recover from their past experiences and to move on establishing themselves in society.

We accept all irrespective of race, creed, belief, age, gender, disability, history or personal characteristics.

What We Do

The services which Sparrows will provide to adult survivors include:

  • Immediate accommodation while any application for government support is considered;
  • Assistance in negotiating the introduction into the national support scheme known as the National Referral Mechanism (“NRM”);
  • Assisting with access to medical and dental care;
  • Sign posting to organisations providing legal and financial advice;
  • Volunteer training;
  • Awareness raising in the wider community;
  • Support and advice should the survivor decide not to enter the support scheme or their application be refused.

Supported By:

The National Lottery Community Fun, the HPC Community Fund and Opinium